European Day of Parks – 10 events for the final countdown

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The European Day of Parks is now just hours away! However, the celebration of #OurNationalTreasures has already begun and will continue even after the 24th of May.

We are bringing you 10 events you can plan on attending all over Europe! Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Montenegro, Estonia, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, and Italy have prepared the most versatile ways for you to reconnect with nature and celebrate #OurNationalTreasures! Join them!

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Portugal – 24 May 2019 – Teatro Musical “O Bosque Encantado”

On Friday, May 24, Casa das Viras will host the Pandora Theater, a company of actors and puppets, which will present the play “The Enchanted Forest”.

In this play, the animals that live in the woods come to life… and explain in their own voice the importance of protecting nature.

More about the event here!

Finland – 24 May 2019 – Nature’s moods and moments by Konsta Punkka


Attend a special photo exhibition in the three Visitor centers of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.  The images of Konsta Punkka, one of Finland’s most world-renowned nature photographers, will take you on a journey into Finnish nature, from the awakening of spring to the abundance of autumn and from one visitor center to another.

The photographs selected for each visitor center form a whole. In order to see the entire exhibition, you must go through the national park from Ylläs to Pallas, or vice versa. The photographic exhibition of tunnel-like landscapes and photographer’s masterpieces gives you free access throughout the summer. The exhibition finale falls on Finnish Nature Day (31 August), when Punkka himself will visit all three Nature Centres to talk about his photographs and work.

More information can be found here!

Ireland – 24 May 2019 – Biophilia – Our Connection with Nature

We all have an innate affinity for nature and landscape; biophilia is one word for this love of our living surroundings. As part of Biodiversity Week and celebrating European Day of Parks, get out into beautiful Burren National Park and activate your senses! Explore how and why we perceive the natural world the way we do, nature’s myriad gifts of physical health and mental wellbeing, and how we can share these benefits in our homes, gardens, and communities to help us connect with natural rhythms and landscapes.

More information can be found here!

Montenegro – 24 May 2019 – Natural treasures of National parks

This year’s celebration of the European Day of Parks will be held in the national parks of Montenegro in order to promote the natural treasures of national parks. During this celebration, several promotional and educational events will be organised in national parks of Lovćen and Dormitor. Educational workshops will be held on thematic and educational trails, as well as in the visitors’ centers of these parks.

To reduce the impact of visitors and raise awareness of the necessity of preserving natural treasures, but also to strengthen the brand of National Parks as a destination that supports the development of sustainable tourism, National Parks of Montenegro have provided two tourist trains for organized transport of tourists. The first ride of the new train will be organized on Friday, May 24th, 2019. During this event, a walking tour along the educational trail around Biogradsko Lake is planned, as well as the taste of traditional gastronomic specialties from the local area of Bjelasica. More information can be found here!

Estonia – 24 May 2019 – Day of Parks 2019


Republic of Estonia Environmental Board organises the hiking event for families in which they will be able to enjoy the birds singing and learn about spring flowers.

More information can be found here!

United Kingdom – 25 May 2019 – Devil’s Point

National Trust for Scotland – Mar Lodge Estate challenges you to climb this iconic mountain once visited by Queen Victoria, in the company of their ranger team. Good level of fitness is essential as there are some steep uphill sections and uneven terrain on this walk.

More information can be found here!

Belgium – 25 May 2019 – 1000-soortendag

With its large surface area and diversity of natural biotopes, Het Zwin is a real hotspot for biodiversity. On the 1000s species day, we will put this in the spotlight.

Experts are looking for as many species as possible.
On the 1000-species day, specialists from many groups of species come to the Zwin, with the aim of observing as many different species of animals and plants as possible. As a visitor, follow the observations of the experts live!

You will be able to follow the species counter from 24 May on via

Netherlands – 26 May 2019 – Dag van het Nationaal Park Drentsche Aa

On Sunday, May 26, Drentsche Aa National Park will host the European National Parks day 2019 in the Gasterse dunes parking lot. How far can you throw a boulder? Do you know which paw print belongs to which animal? Do you taste the difference between the tap water from the Drentsche Aa and bottled water? Are you going fishing in the Oudemolensche Diep, exploring nature or would you rather make a nature painting?

It will be a pleasant do-and-information market where you can experience and do everything, with a walk in  the Oudemolensche forest. Drentsche Aa National Park staff will talk about the nature and cultural history of the Drentsche Aa area.

They are also inviting you to become National Park Junior Ranger… In September they will start the first National Park Drentsche Aa aspiring  Junior Rangers group. Junior Rangers from the Drents-Friese Wold National Park and Dwingelderveld talk about their nature experiences and nature experiences in recent years. You are very welcome to hear from these experts what it means to become a National Park Junior Ranger.

More information can be found here!

Spain – 26 May 2019 – Geo Rally Fotográfico del Geoparque

Get to known the geology, the landscape, the ethnography, the flora and fauna biodiversity of Geopark and Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, and use photography as a tool for the enhancement of heritage, allowing you to know and observe it by combining an entertaining and interpretative day trip in contact with nature with the art of photography.

More information can be found here!

Italy – 26 May 2019 – Scientist for one day in Val Canzoi


Become a scientist for one day in Val Canzoi! Join the guided excursion and playful learning workshop at the Park’s Environmental Education Centre “La Santina”.

More information can be found here!

The European Day of Parks is a commemorative day for Protected Areas across Europe that was launched in 1999 by the EUROPARC Federation to celebrate Protected Areas throughout Europe. It celebrates the creation of the 1st National Parks in Europe – a set of nine parks created in Sweden in 1909.