Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach: Call for non-governmental organisations and individuals

European Commission

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Engaging citizens and Youth in democratic life and EU values

Since 2017, the prize, given by the European Commission, rewards projects that “enhance citizens’ understanding of the EU, help broaden the ownership of the European project and develop a sense of European identity.

The importance of these projects is that they spread knowledge about the European Union and awareness of the European culture and values, both aspects that are barely perceived among a big part of its citizens. This edition focuses on activities that help young Europeans engage in democratic life and provide visibility for the European Union projects that contribute to Youth.

Do you run a project or a campaign that is related with European identity through nature and environment?

You can also apply!

Deadline: 29.10.2019 17:00 (Brussels Time)

Projects suitable for applying are related to communications, campaigns or even direct actions. Will be considered:

  • educational programmes or campaigns about the EU;
  • information and communication campaigns about the EU;
  • activities that enhance young people’s motivation to participate in the democratic processes that shape the future of the EU;
  • activities that enhance young people’s attachment to the core values of the EU;
  • action-based activities that enable young people to witness the benefits of the EU

Check for further information the Rules of the contest and apply in the European Commission official Website.

Altiero Spinelli (1907–1986) was an Italian politician and political theorist. He is considered as one of the founding fathers of the European Union due to his co-authorship of the Ventotene Manifesto.