Grand opening of the Mobile Film Festival: ACT NOW on climate change

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The 15th Mobile Film Festival (MFF) opened its ACT NOW edition in partnership with YouTube Creators for Change and United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC). The online film festival is running from 14th to 30th of November and invites the public to watch the 50 selected films, coming from 24 countries.

ACT NOW on climate change!

Following the international call for 1 minute-long mobile films, the festival organizers received more than 800 films from 91 countries. It is a record for the MFF in terms of diversity.

Coming from 5 continents, both from big cities and the countryside, the directors have chosen to support the incredible youth movement initiated by Greta Thunberg, which brings together millions of people from all over the world.

Read more about the rules and goals of this Mobile Film Festival edition.

The Film Festival aims to support this movement through all kinds and genres of stories – be it joyful or sad, funny or absurd, promising or desperate. The genres represented in the selection include thriller, animation, documentary, science fiction…and particularly humor!

Those stories are intended for both young and old people. They challenge, question and raise awareness on the urgency to ACT NOW, in the face of climate change.

The 50 selected films from 24 countries cover 10 main topics such as waste, recycling, global warming, water scarcity, deforestation, youth activism, climate anticipation, small gestures, overpopulation and transportation.

In the first week from 16 to 24 November, the festival supports the European Week of Waste Reduction.

The MFF is running now, until the 30th November, presenting 50 films in competition on all social platforms and particularly on YouTube. Everyone is kindly invited to watch, comment and share in order to create more awareness on climate issues and to reach as many people as possible.

Throughout the year, the films will be presented online, at screenings in cultural centres, in festivals, cinemas, and by the Festival’s partners on social media.