Nature on your Mind: our Journal Protected Areas in-Sight 2019 is out!

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Nature plays a crucial role in today’s society. The challenges of increasingly sedentary and urbanised lifestyles, growing number of physical and mental health problems, and especially the occurrence of the term “nature-deficit disorder”, call for new remedies…

New research and initiatives are being developed to support the promotion and recognition of Protected Areas as active actors in public health. In this Protected Areas In-Sight 2019, you will find “in-sights” into the connection between nature and human health, and an overview on how the initiative is being implemented around the globe.

Following the launch of the Healthy Parks, Healthy People Europe initiative at the EUROPARC Conference 2019, we challenge Protected Areas to become natural health centres and an active player in the well-being of their community, so you will also find 5 key areas waiting for your action!  Europe needs healthy parks, to provide opportunities for healthy people.

In addition to health, this edition brings you also interesting readings on EU Biodiversity policy, climate change, periurban parks and outdoor sports, and case studies on marine conservation, cultural heritage, transboundary cooperation and sustainable tourism.

Protected Areas In-Sight 2019 available in 3 languages

The Protected Areas In-Sight is annually produced by EUROPARC in English, French and German. You can download the version you need below. Drop us an email if you would like to receive a paper copy (write to barbara.pais at

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