The busy autumn of Kullaberg Junior Rangers

Kullaberg Junior Rangers on their visit to Frederikshavn, Denmark.

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This autumn has kept the Kullaberg Junior Rangers busy. Their programme included a lot of work in their own nature reserve, but also visits to other Nature Parks. 

Hunting and bird ringing in Denmark

Working in the Kullaberg nature reserve, one of their projects was about building new stairs for the steepest part of one of the trails. Besides that, they were active in building their network and spreading the word about the Junior Ranger Programme.

One of the Junior Ranger groups spent a weekend in Frederikshavn, Denmark, with their local counterparts.

Junior Rangers Kullaberg also helped with bird ringing.

Our plan for this short visit was to help restore the trouts spawning areas. Unfortunately, the water levels were too high and the current too strong, so we had to change our programme. We settled for a very interesting lesson on the same topic, but we also learned about deer hunting. Bo Storm, the ranger in Bangsbo Dyrehave, took us hunting with him.

The next day we went to the birding center in Skagen where we participated in bird ringing. During the weekend, we also had time for lots of fun and games.

Adventures in Fulufjället

Some Junior Rangers from Kullaberg visited Fulufjället National park and its waterfalls.

For five days during the autumn break, four of the older Junior Rangers went to Fulufjället National park on the border with Norway, to tell them about EUROPARC Junior Ranger programme and to learn more about the national park. In their adventure, they got to see one of Sweden’s highest waterfalls, the world’s oldest tree, Old Tjikko and the northern lights.

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