Communications training & a porpoise safari in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve

Porpoises in Kullaberg Nature Reserve (SE)

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article written by Kullaberg Nature Reserve

In June we will host a practical workshop on communication for efficient management of Natura 2000 at Kullaberg Nature Reserve, Skåne. We are very excited to be able to show our nature reserve to a cohort of 20 participants from all over EU selected under the LIFE Project and share a few days of learning together.

A porpoise safari?

In the sea around Kullaberg, you can often spot the porpoise – a small toothed whale. Workshop participants will have a chance to go on a tour to be able to spot our porpoises close up and marvel at the fantastic Kullaberg scenery with alluring coves and mysterious caves from aboard RIB. The tour will be organized by our friends and partners – outdoor tour company Kullabergsguiderna.

Kullabergsguiderna is certified according to the Swedish national eco-tourism standard Nature’s best. They believe that showing and informing the public about these amazing mammals will lead to more protection. They try to affect the environment as little as possible and follow international whale safari guidelines. Boat is a modern four-stroke outboard motor combined with a lightweight RIB-boat for lox carbon dioxide emissions.

Kullabergsguiderna applies internationally accepted guidelines for whale watching. Therefore,

the recent porpoise safaris have actually strengthened protection of our porpoises.

From being almost unknown in northwest Skåne, our knowledge of our most threatened marine mammal has increased dramatically. With increased knowledge comes greater consideration and respect for, among other things, the reserve’s speed limits. Visit of our guests, therefore, helps the future of our porpoises look a little brighter. That can be fun to think about when they’ll walk the steep path back from RIB boat’s small natural harbour up to Sweden’s highest lighthouse!

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