The Bavarian Forest National Park organises an international Youth+ Camp

International Youth+ Camp 2019

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From 11th to 16th May 2020, an international Youth+ Camp will take place in the Bavarian Forest National Park. Junior Rangers from all over Europe are invited to join the event, organised in cooperation with the European Ranger Federation. Participants will enjoy an exciting programme, which includes the amazing opportunity to attend the 5th European Ranger Congress.

From the 11th to 16th May 2020, an international Youth+ Camp will take place in the Bavarian Forest National Park, at the South-East of Germany. This National Park will welcome Junior Rangers from all over Europe, who will even be joined by their peers from Maun in Botswana.

These five days will give young persons – having different national, cultural, and social backgrounds – the opportunity to meet in an amazing setting, to share their experiences and to learn from each other.

This international Camp aims at giving them plenty of room to discuss their ideas about the Junior Ranger and Youth+ projects in Europe, in order to keep improving them, and to reach expectations of both Junior Rangers and professionals of Protected Areas management.

The idea is also to offer young people to participate in a lot of interesting activities related to nature conservation and Protected Areas in Europe, but also to let them explore a newly emerging forest wilderness and have fun together.

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Forest © Stefan Stefancik

Thus, the Bavarian Forest National Park elaborated a compelling five-day programme, which provides for a lot of outdoor activities and workshops, with for example a workshop dedicated to: “How can Youth+ activities be integrated into the everyday life of rangers in the best possible way? Requirements – best practices – recommendations“.

Moreover, the International Junior Ranger Camp runs along the 5th European Ranger Congress, and Junior Rangers will get the amazing opportunity to join in some of their sessions.

Participants are also foreseen to meet Ms. Laura Peters, Youth Representative on the EUROPARC Council.

You can now register!

European Junior Rangers and Youth+, aged 16 and over, can now register for this event! If you are interested and want to take part in this great event, you only need to fill in a form and to send it back to the Bavarian Forest national Park!

Registration Form International Youth+ Camp 2020

Good to know: participants do not have to pay for accommodation or meals, the Bavarian Forest National Park takes care of it.