This is not a chicken! – A Call out for nature and human rights

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“This is Not a Chicken!”  is a movement created by Artist Koen Vanmechelen, ecologist and EUROPARC President Ignace Schops, and human rights expert Manfred Nowak.

The mouth mask campaign “This is not a chicken”

By protecting others, we defend ourselves!  

The consequences of how we treated “the others” is slamming us in the face. Mass breeding, overproduction, … for many, money was the only thriving element. Over the years we learned about the dangers of “spillover”, viruses that spillover from animals to humans … and over time we had to lockdown animals (pigs,  cows … ) and several times we were forced to organise a lockdown for chickens (chicken flu, …). But did we care? Did we see what was happening; did we listen to the voice of nature …? We were so convinced the human race was unbeatable…   And now, suddenly, we need to lockdown ourselves! Are we becoming chickens ourselves…?

By protecting others, we defend ourselves is the central mantra of the project. By being careful stewards of nature, we will care for ourselves. The chicken, as the most domesticated animal, apart from the human-animal, has shown us that disregarding the mantra leads to commodification and destruction.

As the most domesticated species, humans can learn from that and choose not to be a chicken.

Trough a newly designed face mask by a world-famous artist, they invite people to become pioneers of a post-corona recovery and healing process that focusses on the well-being of the other(s), both human and non-human animals, nature & culture. “We need to restore the balance!”

When art, nature and human rights come together

An artist, an ecologist and a human rights expert join forces with a mouth mask “this is not a chicken”! Koen Vanmechelen, a world-famous artist (ART), Ignace Schops, ecologist, president EUROPARC Federation and Ashoka fellow (NATURE) and Manfred Nowak, Secretary-general Campus Human rights (HUMAN RIGHTS) call to join the movement, wear your MOUTH mask and make a statement.

Essential for a post-corona world is to restore a balance for all who make up the living organism called Earth. Only then will healthy co-existence be possible for all.

The words of Ignace Schops, founder of the mouth mask campaign “This is not a chicken”

“The current crisis calls into question the system itself. The silent collapse of nature, makes us lose our comfort zone. Healthy natural ecosystems are self-regulating systems full of life and provide us with the essential basics of existence. We urgently need to rediscover the unique position of Nature’s design as the existential and sustainable basis for our society. We cannot keep on destroying what keeps us alive. We need to understand our position as a species in the great All. Nature has the solution. Nature must become a Human Right.”
Ignace Schops, Ashoka fellow & President EUROPARC Federation


The MOUTH Mask project is coordinated by the Mouth Foundation, who supports the distribution of comfort masks to more vulnerable groups at home and abroad. A first 10,000 masks are donated to our social projects. From the LABIOMISTA farm in Belgium to the farms in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and the US, and from the communities in Chile to Malawi. For every mask we sell, we can also donate an additional mask to one of our community projects. Through and thanks to our people, we will set a strong example to protect the other(s) and position Nature as a Human Right.
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