World Rangers Day 2020 - The International Ranger Federation

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Rangers are a crucial part in world’s nature conservation and a cornerstone of Protected Areas functioning, who often put their life at risk to safeguard the continuity of our natural resources.

On July 31st, World Ranger Day is celebrated internationally to commemorate Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty and to celebrate the work Rangers do to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

From EUROPARC, like every year, we want to join this cause and give thanks to those persons and institution that organise dedicated events in the memory of the Rangers, and we encourage you to commemorate this day.

EUROPARC stands with the World’s Rangers!

Ranger Roll of Honour 2020

Ranger Roll of Honour 2020

How can I support the World Rangers Day?

Any action, from a small mention to a dedicated event, will help promoting the World Rangers Day. From EUROPARC, we encourage you to do any of the following:

  • Acknowledge their work:

Rangers carry out a very important labour for nature conservation all over the world. You can acknowledge their work on any event you organise during this day, such as meetings, webinars, workshops, educational programmes and so on.

Honour the rangers deceased in their line of duty. The International Ranger Federation makes available to download the “Roll of Honour 2020”, a comprehensive list of all the Rangers that have died in the line of duty during this year, and the “2009-2020 Roll of Honour Map”.

  • Raise Funds:

You can support your local rangers by providing them economic support to better carry their work, buy necessary equipment or safeguard them. Furthermore, economic support for the families of the fallen rangers will always be appreciated.

  • Publish content:

You can commemorate this day through your social media channels or any other communication mean with the moto “I/We Stand With The World’s Rangers’, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldRangerDay.

  • Go creative!:

From organising games to thematic activities around the World Rangers Day such as drawing exhibitions, treasure hunts and so on, the posibilities are unlimited. You can photograph or record and share your events with the world in this special day. What about publishing a video with support messages to the Rangers? Here you can find some inspiration in a video message by Dr Jane Goodall for the World Rangers Day 2017.

Promotional Items

You can download a set of promotional materials in different languages to help promoting the World Rangers Day from the he International Ranger Federation website, or by clicking on the links below: