The LIFE e-Natura 2000 app is now available!

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During the Opening Session of our Online Conference, EUROPARC was proud to announce the launch of the LIFE e-Natura 2000 app. This smartphone app is one of the many outcomes of the LIFE Preparatory project, LIFE e-Natura 2000

Download the eNatura2000 app!

The eNatura2000 App has been designed to enable Natura 2000 site managers and private landowners to connect, discuss and learn in an innovative way. The management of Natura 2000 lands requires specific, constantly evolving capacities, and presents unique challenges that professionals need to address on a daily basis.

The app is available on Google Play and App Store! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

With eNatura2000, users will be able to discuss issues and difficulties that arise in the management of Natura 2000 lands, and get inspired by existing best practices and solutions. Developed by EUROPARC with 5 partner organisations from around Europe, this practical tool will make networking across regions, countries, and land types for Natura2000 managers easy and enjoyable.

What does the App do?

The LIFE e-Natura 2000 app will provide you with a continuous inflow of relevant news, features and videos. In the section of thematic quizzes you will have a chance to learn new things in a fun and innovative way, while interactive surveys will offer you the possibility to raise your concerns or compliments.

Watch the demo video to get an idea about all the features the app has to offer!

The digital tool will help Natura 2000 managers identify issues, solve common problems that they face, communicate with each other directly, as well as learn about their professional development needs: for example, the App will act as a portal to a new online Natura 2000 Training Need Assessment (TNA) tool, and provide a variety of other useful resources on the projects webpages.

App users will be able to create ‘self-profiles’ with their background, experience, areas of expertise and interests.

The users can connect with individual Natura 2000 site managers and interact with other users based on the individual profiles and matching circles of interests, as well as by biogeographical zones, countries, and languages.

The App is representative of the LIFE programme’s goals and initiatives, putting emphasis on capacity building and development of EU environmental and climate policy. Meeting all GDPR requirements is a commonplace.

If you have any questions about the App or suggestions on features that interest you, please let us know, we will appreciate your feedback!