Next webinar: How to plan and mange a park for nature and people: the experience of Periurban Parks

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Join our next webinar on the 4th of December at 11 AM CET: How to plan and mange a Park for nature and people: the experience of Periurban Parks

Periurban Parks have the double mission of preserving biodiversity and delivering key ecosystem services to the city, while also meeting the need for outdoor recreation and nature contact from an increasingly numerous and demanding urban population. Planning and managing to meet these, sometimes, conflicting needs is highly challenging.

In this webinar, the EUROPARC Periurban Commission will share some practical advice on how to plan and manage a Periurban park – from the city border to the inner core natural areas.

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Welcome & introduction to the webinar
By Teresa Pastor, EUROPARC Federation

The most external part of the park, the one that borders the city and acts as a buffer
By Marià Martí, Collserola Natural Park (Barcelona)

Planning a park in favour of biodiversity and regulating ecosystem services
By Fernando Alves, Parque Florestal Monsanto (Lisbon)

Hosting, involving and communicating with users and other stakeholders
By Riccardo Gini, Tomaso Colombo and Silvia Argentiero, Parco Nord Milano (Milan)

Conclusions and closing
By Nikos Pangas, Hymettus Aesthetic Forest (Athens)

EUROPARC Toolkit: Parks for Nature & People – Planning, Designing and Managing Periurban Parks

Let’s talk about it
All participants have the opportunity to exchange on the topics discusses and/or to ask questions.

Get to know the speakers!

Teresa Pastor is EUROPARC’s Project Development & Charter for Sustainable Tourism Manager. She has worked on the topic of Periurban Parks for over 15 years. She now coordinates the EUROPARC Periurban Parks Commission.

Marià Martí is the managing director of the Collserola Natural Park located in the heart of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The main challenge of the park is to cope with the increasing pressure of use produced by its 3.5 million people who live around it, and at the same time preserve its natural values. In addition, Marià is a member of the council of EUROPARC and chair of the Periurban Parks Commission.

Fernando Louro Alves is a Forestry Engineer working for the Monsanto Forest Park since 1982 and co-ordinates the Local Action Plan for Biodiversity in Lisbon. The 1000 ha Park of Monsanto hosts the majority of the Biodiversity in the City and is linked through corridors with the other parks and gardens in the city. It is largely used for recreation, outdoor sports and activities and for environmental education and ecotourism.

Riccardo Gini is the director of Parco Nord Milano, a Periurban park of 640 ha located in the north of Milano, which was built upon the Breda Aeronautica abandoned land, immediately after the Second World War. He is an agronomist and has been working in the reforestation and restoration of natural habitats within the park. He has been accompanied in this work by a dedicated communication team, with Tomaso Colombo and Silvia Argentiero.

Nikos Pangas is a Forester-Environmentalist, Dr. on Urban forest planning. Since 1989, he is Technical Director of Mt. Hymettus Aesthetic forest in Athens, Greece, which is the result of successful reforestation, providing ecosystem services to the city and hosting annually, a great number of visitors for recreation, environmental education and research.

This webinar is organised by EUROPARC’s Periurban Commission

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