Improve your English skills with this exclusive offer!

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At the EUROPARC Federation we know the importance of effective communications. Especially in an international field, good English skills are essential. Through our new partnership, you can now improve your English skills with this exclusive offer: One month of free Gymglish lessons.

Was it your New Year’s Resolution to learn a new language? Then EUROPARC has got you covered. We have partnered up with Gymglish, an online language learning platform that provides fun, personalised, language courses.

This method of microlearning can be integrated into even the busiest of schedules: with just 10 minutes a day Gymglish improves your language skills. Just like any muscle, a little exercise will keep it healthy. Gymglish will give you a chance to exercise your “language muscles” in a friendly and easy environment.

A daily lesson is delivered in your inbox or through the Gymglish app on your phone or tablet, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere, with ease. Personalized content that takes into account the impact of time and our own human forgetfulness, assures maximum effectiveness and learning in the long run.

Exclusive offer

As a networking organisation, EUROPARC is always looking for ways to improve international communication. When following this link, you can sign up for a free one month trial to improve your English skills.

During the trial, you will receive daily lessons. The free trial includes a complete level assessment, to ensure that the lessons are tailored to your needs. In the lessons you will follow the story of “Bruno Delavigne”, allowing you to improve your English in a playful way. After completing your daily lesson, you’ll immediately receive personalized corrections and explanations. Through this, Gymglish makes learning a language easy, fun and effective. Once you have finished the course, you will get a certificate of completion.

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Improve your English skills AND support EUROPARC

EUROPARC will receive a commission for every person that signs, via the EUROPARC offer, with Gygmlish after the trial period. This money is put towards strengthening and developing EUROPARC’s programmes, serving our members and lobbying for the work of Parks and Protected Areas in Europe. Please consider this as you choose to continue a Gymglish subscription.

Learning a language wherever you are

Working for nature, means always being on the go. Gymglish fits into a busy lifestyle easily. Either through email or the Gymglish app,  these short, daily 10 minute lessons will be delivered to you on your phone, laptop or tablet, allowing you to improve your English skills, whenever, wherever. Additionally, you can set up for which five days a week you want to receive your English lessons and schedule in possible vacations. This will not affect your attendance

Special features for members

Everyone can sign up for the free trial month. After finishing this, you will have the option to sign up to continue learning. When doing so, we urge EUROPARC members to please state their member organisation, as we are working on exclusive features for our members, like special online discussions and workshops to practice.

Gymglish in a nutshell

To better understand how Gymglish works, check out the following video:

So, let’s get 2021 off to a great start and make use of this exclusive EUROPARC offer now. The offer can be found permanently on our website here.