An inspiring new book for young people by Hendrickus van Hensbergen

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EUROPARC’s Executive Director Carol Ritchie received a version of the new book “How you can save the planet” by Hendrickus van Hensbergen which is available here now. It combines practical step-by-step actions with the inspiring stories of young environmental activists leading change across the world. A proportion of the royalties will support Hendrick’s work with young people at Action for Conservation. You can read Carol’s review of the book down below. 

“I have been lucky enough, in my role as Executive Director, to attend many EUROPARC Junior Ranger and Youth+ camps and our young people, without fail, provide me with new energy, motivation and inspiration. EUROPARC remains committed to ensuring young people have a central role in our thinking and activities as an organisation. Thus, I am always on the lookout for tools, tips and ideas that would support the same in our members areas.

It was with interest then that we received a copy of a new book “How you can save the planet” by Hendrickus van Hensbergen, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the charity “Action for Conservation”. Many will remember his stimulating input into our EUROPARC conference 2018 in Scotland. Hendrikus is not only a young entrepreneur working for conservation – he is inspiring other youngsters to lead the change and his new book is a great tool to do just that!

“How you can save the planet” is filled with personal stores from young people themselves, showing what sparked their interest in nature and what motivates them to be active ambassadors and campaigners.

The book shares what they have done to tackle issue like single use plastics, fighting for cleaner air, being more sustainable and caring for nature, with examples from inspiring young people of all ages and abilities.

In addition, the book describes many practical activities and ideas for young (and indeed not so young!) people to get active and do something about the environmental issues that concern them.

Drawing on Hendrikus’s work with Actions for Conservation, the books shows how to put young people at the center of decision-making and to feel empowered to make a difference and positive change to protect the natural world. You can see the interview he gave EUROPARC here.

Even though I can’t visit a Junior Ranger or Youth camp I was still inspired by the stories of these remarkable young people described in Hendrikus’s book.

So, for those of us in an older age group this book reminds us of the energy, passion and motivation and potential of our young people, if we give them the space and tools to act.

The book gives plenty of practical ideas for young people themselves to try out but indeed too could be helpful for Rangers, mentor or anyone working with young people in our protected areas.

So, make sure your park has a copy of “How you can save the planet”, buy one for your Junior Rangers and Youth+ groups.

Carol Ritchie”