Webinar: Urban forestry as a Nature Based Solution to mitigate climate change and reduce pollution

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On the occasion of the EU Green Week 2021, EUROPARC, in collaboration with Parco Nord Milano (Italy), will organize a webinar focused on urban forestry as a Nature Based Solution (NBS) to mitigate climate change and reduce pollution. The webinar is a partner event for the EU Green Week which focuses on “ ZERO POLLUTION for healthier people and planet”.

Nature Based Solutions are solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges inspired, and/or supported by nature. In this webinar we will explore the innovative NBS called urban forestry. Urban forestry focuses on the care and management of trees in the urban environment. As such, it answers to the European goal of improving the restoration of degraded ecosystems, which then strengthens their resilience. Additionally, it supports the delivery of vital ecosystem services and contributes to cities green growth, which fosters citizen well-being.

During this webinar, we will

  • hear what is scientifically true about the role of forestry on climate change mitigation and in pollution removal;
  • discover the ambitious forestry plan set up by the City of Milano: 1 Million Trees by 2030. How is this working in practice?
Additionally, the webinar opens the second edition of KlimatFest 2021, the climate event organized by the local associations in collaboration with Parco Nord Milano. It is part of the Italian Environmental Ministry program “All4climate” which is in preparation to the “Pre-COP26” that will be held next September in Milano.

Webinar programme

Welcome, Introduction to the webinar and opening of Klimatfest
By Riccardo Gini – Director Parco Nord Milano

Urban forests as a Nature-Based Solution to mitigate climate change and to reduce pollution: what is the scientific evidence?
By Francesc Baró – (Urban) environmental scientist currently appointed as Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium

Forestami: the Italian urban forestry project to mitigate Climate Change
By Maria Chiara Pastore – Scientific Director Forestami

Let’s talk about it…
All participants will have the opportunity to exchange on the topics discussed and/or ask questions.

Introduction to the new LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans project and closing of the webinar
By Teresa Pastor, EUROPARC Federation

Get to know the speakers!

Riccardo Gini – Director Parco Nord Milano

Riccardo Giniis the director of Parco Nord Milano. As such he is in charge of a Protected Area of 40 employees and as many collaborators. Part of his function is dealing with the planning and coordination of the Parco Nord construction operations. Riccardo is an agronomist and apart from agricultural projects, he has worked in the redevelopment of natural spaces and Urban Rehabilitation Programs.

Maria Chiara Pastore – Scientific Director Forestami
Maria Chiara Pastore (1980) is an Assistant Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, where she obtained a PhD in Spatial Planning and urban Development. Her research interests are mainly focused on water and sanitation in relation to city’s development, urban planning in Africa, adaptive planning in relation to rapid growing cities, and Urban Forestry. Her recent work includes an improved green system in the Greater Milan 2030, Forestami (Milano 2030) and the Urban Forestry plan in Prato, Italy.

Francesc Baró(Urban) environmental scientist, Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium
Francesc Baró is an (urban) environmental scientist currently appointed as Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium; he is also an affiliated senior researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB), Spain. His research is motivated by making cities inclusive, healthy, livable, resilient and sustainable for all

Teresa Pastor – Project Manager at EUROPARC
Teresa is the former Coordinator of Fedenatur and, after its integration with EUROPARC, is currently in charge of the Periurban dossier. Additionally, Teresa will be EUROPARC’s project manager for the LIFE PeriurbanGreeningPlans that is to start this year. She is based in EUROPARC’s Barcelona office and brings a huge knowledge on nature conservation and marine issues to the EUROPARC directorate

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This webinar has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union.