New EUROPARC Podcast! Interview with Ignace Schops

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In EUROPARC Podcasts: Voices from the Parks,  you can listen to inspiring stories from across the network when you’re on the go. For this new episode we’ve interviewed our president Ignace Schops.

EUROPARC Podcasts – Voices from the Parks

Are you tired of watching the screen and sitting at your desk every time you want to learn more about interesting but complex topics from the network? Then the EUROPARC Podcasts: Voices from the Parks is just the thing for you! Sit back and relax, go for a walk or even cook your dinner – while we bring the Voices from the Parks to you.

This episode’s voice comes from Ignace Schops, Director at Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland and current EUROPARC President. Ignace’s mandate is ending next week as a new president will be elected during our General Assembly. High time to ask him some questions about his career, his time at EUROPARC and the importance of connections, networking and social change to achieve nature conservation goals.

We need to bridge wildlife with all other sectors – we cannot protect wildlife on our own, we need others!

Listen to the interview now:

The podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor and almost all other mayor podcast platforms. You can also find the other episodes of our podcast there.