LIFE ENABLE Kick-off meeting

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At the end of September, eight partner organisations’ representatives gathered for the first meeting within the LIFE ENABLE project: Creating the European Nature Academy for applied Blended Learning.


This forward-looking three-year project is designed to build practical nature management capacity among Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers. It aims to equip individuals and their organisations with the competencies they require to meet the challenges and opportunities of nature management in the coming decade. Moreover, it will establish an enabling framework to create a training system for professional development that contributes to ensuring progress towards the realisation of the objectives and ambitions of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and underpinning policies.

LIFE ENABLE Project in a nutshell

LIFE ENABLE Project in a nutshell

Kick-off meeting: main topics

Over four days, the partners had a chance to discuss the most important elements of the project. Furthermore, they were introduced to the project’s identity and got a chance to know each other better. In addition, a short survey convened during the first day of the meeting showed that the majority of partners have previous experience with LIFE projects.

Previous experience LIFE project graph

Previous experience of LIFE projects

The Kick-off meeting primarily focused on 8 Implementation actions, 5 Communication actions and 5 Project management actions, but it also brought multiple opportunities for participatory exercises paying special attention to the project’s target audiences, desired impacts and stakeholders.

Impact Exercise LIFE ENABLE

Impact Exercise LIFE ENABLE

Additionally, we were curious to hear about each other’s positive experiences and best practices that could potentially be implemented into LIFE ENABLE. Among other things, we wanted to know what makes capacity building experiences impactful.

LIFE ENABLE Participatory Mentimeter exercise describing impactful capacity building experiences

LIFE ENABLE Participatory Mentimeter exercise describing impactful capacity building experiences

We are looking forward to collaborating on this exciting project! Please regularly visit the LIFE ENABLE section of the EUROPARC website for more information!

Project partners

The LIFE ENABLE project is led by EUROPARC Federation with the support of 7 partners from 7 countries:

LIFE ENABLE all partners logos

LIFE ENABLE project partners