European Day of Parks – 11 events from around Europe!

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Rethink, Restore, Reconnect

European Day of Parks is just around the corner. Only 11 days left! Events and activities are happening all around the 24th of May. You can find promotional material in many languages here.

In order to rethink, restore and reconnect, we are bringing you 11 examples of events being organized around Europe.

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Germany – 24 May 2022 – European Day of Parks photo contest

Share your most memorable moments and beautiful experiences in and with nature on website and social media pages. Nationale Naturlandschaften e.V. (EUROPARC Germany) and Verband Deutsche Naturparken are organising this German-wide contest together. Participants have the chance to win an overnight stay or other exciting prizes!

Spain – 28 May 2022 – Kayaking tour

Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter invite you on a kayak tour to discover the natural values ​​of the Montgrí coast with a specialized guide. What better way to connect to nature than on the water?
More info can be found here.

France – 22 May 2022 – La Grande Traversée du Parc

The Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park is organizing the Grande Traversée, a very beautiful 22-kilometers hike between Rilly-la-Montagne, Germaine, Mutigny and Aÿ! You will pass through an exceptional vineyard listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site before plunging into an Exceptional Forest, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park.

Don’t want to walk that long?

No worries: you can enjoy the festive stops all day long (food, artisans markets, and entertainment) in Rilly-la-Montagne, Germaine and Aÿ-Champagne! Other hiking routes will also be possible from each village: come and test very pretty loops at Rilly-la-Montagne (7 km), Germaine (2 km) and Aÿ-Champagne (10 km).

More information here.

Italy – 24 May 2022 – Natura Itineris Pollino: scopri, osserva, valorizza

The PollinoNational Park will organize walking experiences, immersed in the woods and geological landscapes of the Park, to discover the geopark (UNESCO heritage) and the biodiversity of the woods of the largest Protected Area in Italy.
Find out about all the offered routes (morning and afternoon) here.

UK – 17 May 2022 – Barns, Walls and Bridges

On May 17, the Yorkshire Dales National Park offers a 4 mile (6.4 km) walk through the stunning natural landscape of Upper Wensleydale to explore the dry-stone walls, field barns and bridge, and enjoy stunning panoramic views along the way. The walk includes the woodland and magical waterfalls of Shaw Gill (a Yorkshire Dales hidden gem) and starts at the Dales Countryside Museum.

More information can be found here!

Finland – 26 May 2022 – Birdwatching event by the Lake Muoniojärvi

National Parks Co-Partner Institute, Vocational Institute of Lappia organize this yearly bird watching event with wilderness guides and National Park rangers in training. This event is targeted to the 10-12 years old pupils of the local Elementary School of Muonio, but welcomes all others to join nice outdoor event.

Participants will be able to enjoy load of migratory bird info and also the learning session “How to make useful knots”. The National Park will also offer coffee, tea and sausages by the open fire. Welcome!

Hungary – 28 May 2022 – Bison safari

On Sunday, May 28, Őrség National Park Directorate is organising a unique adventure for wildlife lovers! A visit the Őrség Wilderness with an off-road bison safari! Under strict safety standards, participants will observe the largest terrestrial mammals in Europe up close. The staff will show the life traces of the bison and talk about the results of the program so far.

You can find more information here.

Austria – 26 May 2022 – Eintauchen in den Nationalpark

Interested in experiencing the diverse nature, habitats, animals and plants of the “Green Canyon” of the Thayatal?

The Thayatal National Park organises a 3 hours ranger tour aimed at anyone who has a little more time and would like to spontaneously immerse themselves in the national park and its colourfulness.

More information can be found here!

Netherlands – 24 May 2022 – Op de Paden Bingo

Get on the trails and out in nature with Op de paden bingo!

The National Parken Nederland cooperation has set up a bingo experience for this European Day of Parks. Various themes are reflected on the bingo card (one for inland and one for seaside National Parks around the Netherlands), such as biodiversity, attention to the landscape and of course people. Spot the different insects, flowers, mammals, and much more and complete your bingo card! The activity will help participants pay close attention to the beautiful nature around them and reconnect to our natural heritage.

More information can be found here!

Spain – 24 May 2022 – “We are nature: reflect, restore, reconnect” Conference

EUROPARC Spain is organising a Conference in which several restoration initiatives will be presented. The event is aimed at nature conservation professionals from public administrations, non-governmental organizations and private entities. Registration is free.

More information can be found here.

Romania – 24 May 2022 – European Day of Parks 2022 at Enduro Ranch Park

The Enduro National Park organises events for families and the general public to reconnect and bring people closer to nature.

More information can be found here.

The European Day of Parks is a European-wide celebration for people of all ages and backgrounds. We welcome the wider EUROPARC Network to organise events and register them on our website here.