Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet conference 2022

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How can we maximise the power of outdoor sports to make our lives and societies ever greener and healthier? This is the main theme for the 6th edition of the Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet conference.

A key event for the sector

The Outdoor sports Euro’meet is the strategic outdoor sports event and brings together key stakeholders committed to outdoor sports sustainable development. The Euro’meet provides a unique and engaging conference format that encourages interaction, networking and high-quality knowledge sharing. This event brings together outdoor sports experts, decision makers, outdoor sports federation representatives, practitioners researchers from the outdoor sports sector, national agencies, academic institutions, local authorities, not for profit organisations and businesses from all over Europe for experiential learning, development and sharing.


Three days, three topics: one goal

It’s now more important than ever to become proactively involved in the transition to a greener outdoor sports sector. Therefore the Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet 2022 conference will address three essential topics, within the theme “Green Sports for a Greener and Healthier Europe”, that will provide opportunities for in depth discussions and inspiration.

Balancing access, activities, and protection: We must not take nature for granted. At the Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet 2022 we will focus on how to develop and carry out projects in Protected Natural Areas and reduce our climate impact. We will also raise the question on how to go beyond sustainability to promote restoration of nature and biodiversity in our practices.

Be active, be healthy, be outdoors: We know, that the outdoors and outdoor sports are effective tools in health promotion and disease prevention, but which activities do actually work best? How do we organize our activities and communicate effectively to target groups that are not “the usual suspects”? The conference will create discussion points and share solutions to these key aspects.

Welfare and the power of the outdoor: There are many opportunities for integrating nature and outdoor activities in existing public welfare – in existing schools, daycare, health care and many more aspects of our societies. How do we move on from goals, policies and strategies to actual projects and activities? How do we involve our communities in this transformation of public welfare? The Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet 2022 will bring a focus on how we can take action on these important questions.

Propose a workshop and showcase your project

This conference will be based on active participation. This is why we encourage participants to propose engaging workshops, or to showcase their own practice-based or research project results that could inspire other participants to turn knowledge and experience into action. We are also seeking your nomination(s) of outstanding projects, initiatives which have recently demonstrated exceptional achievement and commitment to promoting the development of outdoor sports and be aligned with the shared vision of the European Network of Outdoor Sports Charter.

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