EUROPARC Webinar, 3.11: Conflict management through participatory processes

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We invite you to the next EUROPARC webinar “Conflict management through participatory processes: How Protected Areas can build partnerships with local stakeholders”.

The webinar

Collaborations with local stakeholders are key objectives for Protected Area managers. Through dialogue, reciprocal listening and mutual understanding, conflicts can be mitigated.

In this webinar, we will hear from two experts on the creation and implementation of local platforms. These platforms, made up of local authorities, hunters, shepherds, farmers, scientists, and citizens, work on the coexistence between humans and large carnivores.

Furthermore, we will discuss with participants how some of these ‘lessons learned’ can be useful in other participatory processes and how they can possibly be adapted and replicated in the practices of different Parks.

This webinar will focus on participatory processes, and is aimed at Protected Areas managers working on dialoguing and building partnership with farmers and breeders, but also with tourism business and other local stakeholders.

Contributions and experiences from participants to be shared in the debate are welcomed!

The Programme

Welcome and Introduction
Stefania Petrosillo, Policy Officer at EUROPARC Federation

The regional platform projects on large carnivores: what works and what doesn’t
Valeria Salvatori, The Institute of Applied Ecology

Facilitating multi-level stakeholder platforms: the example of Sweden
Bernard Le Roux, Dialogues Facilitation Gothenburg AB

Discussion with Participants

The Speakers

Valeria Salvatori
Valeria is councillor and secretary of The Institute of Applied Ecology (IT).

Wildlife research and management are her main interests. She is active in the area of large carnivore management, is a member of the IUCN LCIE-Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe, and has directed several LIFE projects targeting wolves and bears. She has interacted with hunters, foresters, livestock breeders, shepherds, farmers, scientists, and citizens in areas where wildlife species of particular interest such as large carnivores are present.
Since 2017 she manages the project “Establishment of local stakeholder platforms on large carnivores”, a EC funded project for the establishment of participatory processes on large carnivore management in high conflict areas in Europe. She is an active member of the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores.

Bernard Le Roux
Bernard is a facilitator, mediator, and co-founder of Dialogues Facilitation Gothenburg AB (SE).

He devotes his working time to developing and refining ways in which conflicts and tension can be transformed into growth and development for individuals, groups and society through dialogue. He believes in the power of honest and open dialogue to move beyond fixed positions as a way to avoid destructive conflict. Living in Sweden, he works with local and regional authorities, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Forestry Service and Counties, the Peace Education Institute in Helsinki, and the Swedish Association of Municipalities and Regions. He also works with mediation policy and training in Colombia and teaches at the School of Collective Intelligence in Morocco. He is supporting the project “Establishment of local stakeholder platforms on large carnivores” and the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores.

Stefania Petrosillo
Stefania is EUROPARC’s Policy Officer in Brussels.

In her role, she represents EUROPARC member’s interests towards the European Institutions. Stefania is an expert in advocacy and policy, and works in close cooperation with international NGOs and other EUROPARC partners. She has a long experience in international cooperation in EU and non-EU countries. In Brussels, she follows in particular the debates about the Common Agriculture Policy, and supports EUROPARC’s Commission on Agriculture and Protected Areas.