New Declaration: Europe’s Nature Regional Landscape Parks unite for Climate & Biodiversity Action!

The NRL Task Force signed the Climate Declaration at the EUROPARC Conference 2023 in The Netherlands. Picture: PDF-Grafie

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Europe’s Nature Regional Landscape (NRL) Parks unite to tell policymakers: we are ready to combat climate change, biodiversity loss and habitat degradation! In the NRL Parks Climate Declaration, they underline that the time is now to invest in these Parks to help them reach their full potential for nature & for people.

If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

Climate Change Adaptation in Europe’s Living Landscapes.

Climate change is a major driver of biodiversity loss. At the same time, the loss of biodiversity accelerates climate change processes. Both are major threats to life on earth and must be addressed through international cooperation and joint action.

Across Europe, the vibrant network of Nature Regional Landscape Parks (NRL) is already implementing integrated, forward-looking measures for a sustainable Europe for nature and people.

The resources locked into Europe’s NRL Parks are a crucial component in ensuring a viable climate adaptation and mitigation response at all government levels.

However, on their journey to adaptation and mitigation, the NRL Parks are confronted with various challenges:

The signed Declaration at the EUROPARC Conference 2023. Picture: PDF-Grafie.

  • Strong need to identify the most impactful measures for each context and region to address climate change;
  • Limited resources and need for public funding to implement measures;
  • Different political and administrative responsibilities for climate protection and nature conservation require a high level of communication;
  • Lack of evaluation measures, which assess the existing nature conservation actions being implemented;
  • Change of species composition, which leads to a need to identify flagship species and habitats under the EU Birds and Habitats Directives that are most vulnerable to climate change;
  • No official functions in the administration processes (e.g. spatial planning) due to limited passage rights on land;
  • Conflicting land use objectives (e.g. renewable energies vs. nature conservation or the use of agricultural marginal land for renewable energies as photovoltaic panels, which, however, can often be of high nature conservation value).

For this reason, EUROPARC’s Nature Regional Landscape Parks Task Force developed Europe’s Nature Regional Landscape Parks Declaration on Climate Change. The Declaration was officially signed by the members of the  EUROPARC Taskforce for Nature Regional Landscape at the annual EUROPARC Conference 2023 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Read the Declaration now!

NRL Parks across Europe unite with the common goal to conserve, restore nature and to protect our climate. With this declaration, the parks call upon policymakers and governing authorities at all levels to support, invest in, and work with the Nature Regional Landscape Parks across Europe.

With this declaration, NRL Parks manifest their vision and strengths to address both the climate and biodiversity crisis at the same time. Clear action points and needs are defined.

What are the next steps?

To reach their full potential in accelerating climate change actions and combat biodiversity loss, NRL Parks need the support from national and regional policymakers and governing authorities. Driven by the EUROPARC Taskforce for Nature Regional Landscape, the topic will be addressed on national and regional levels. The Taskforce will build on previous work conducted by the LIFE Natur’Adapt project and create synergies with the EUROPARC Taskforce on Climate Change.

Read the Declaration now!