Where Sports and Nature Meet

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Stakeholders from the outdoor sports, education, environment, and EU political sectors gathered in Munich from November 13th to 15th for the closing event of the EU Erasmus+ project – Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports (The SEE Project). The project partners were thrilled to celebrate the completion of four impactful project reports, a European best practices guide, and an Educational Toolkit after three years of hard work.

Make sure to take a peek at our virtual photo album to get a closer look at all the exciting activities that took place at the SEE Symposium:

The learning symposium provided an excellent opportunity for an international audience from both the outdoor sports and environmental protection sectors to come together, share ideas, transfer knowledge, and work on future collaborations.

The two-day program allowed participants to delve deeper into key topics related to outdoor sports and Protected areas.

Interactive and Deep Dive sessions

As part of the Interactive and Deep Dive sessions, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas on a number of topics, including:

  • Community engagement and social conflicts
  • Littering
  • Nature connection 
  • Dealing with impacts 
  • Equipment and consumption
  • Overcrowding
  • Climbing specific activities
  • Values and raising awareness
  • Cooperation between Nature and Sport
  • Communication
  • Inclusion

Participants also got hands-on experience with the Toolkit through several practical workshop sessions, including testing toolkit activities. They also got inspired by inspirational talks from game changers in environmental activism.