Short and sweet | ENA Mini-Courses have come to an end!

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With a concluding Online meeting which took place on the 15th of March, ENA Mini-Course Participants have officially come to an end of their ENA journey, which started on the 31st of January.

Throughout the five Mini-Courses they have had a chance to focus on competence-based applied learning for marine and forest ecosystems, core communication skills, inclusive stakeholder engagement and governance practices, policy frameworks and more.

This has been a great opportunity for them to connect with their peers and exchange ideas, as well as learning connected to the management challenges and opportunities they face in their everyday work.

The Mini- Courses were incredibly interesting, providing additional knowledge and new visions for the future, said one participant.

The Mini-Courses have been delivered by the ENA Trainee Trainers, selected from the 1st intake of the ENA participants, with the support of an expert team of ‘Trainee-Buddies’. We are super proud and grateful for their excellent work in spreading their experiences and skills acquired during their time in the Academy.

We hope that the new networking connections made within the European Nature Academy will continue for a long time and result in some exciting collaborations.

The ENA team wishes all of our participants lots of success in their future endeavours.

The European Nature Academy seeks to empower Nature Professionals by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to tackle the various management challenges they encounter in their work.

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If you want to evaluate your competencies, make sure to utilise the Individual and Group Training Needs Analysis Tools that were created as part of the project.