Euro’Meet 2017: EUROPARC at the European Network of Outdoor Sports Meeting

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EUROPARC was present at the 4th Nature and Sports Euro’meet that took place in la Seu d’Urgell, on September 27th – 29th 2017. It was organised by ENOS, the European Network of Outdoors Sports, an association that was formally established in 2013, and whose main aim is to develop a stronger voice for outdoor sports, the natural environment and all the benefits that they provide to societies across Europe.

One of the main contributions of EUROPARC network to ENOS relates to the need to regulate outdoors events in protected areas, to avoid harmful impact.

For this reason, Javier Gómez-Limón, from EUROPARC Spain, was a speaker at the Conference. He gave strategies to minimise the impact of visitors in protected areas and explained the concept of “capacity of public use reception” based on three levels of assessment: physic, ecologic and psychologic. More information about the topic can be downloaded at: ES – Capacidad de acogida de uso público en los espacios naturales protegidos.

Moreover, EUROPARC Spain has an interesting guide that can also contribute to the discussion about sports in nature. The guide is about mountain races in protected areas and is available in English and Spanish.

ENG – Guide to good practices for holding mountain races in protected natural areas

ES – Guía de buenas prácticas para el desarrollo de carreras por montaña en espacios naturales protegidos

The next Euro’Meet will be organised in 2019.

A growing partnership

EUROPARC has started to build a relationship with ENOS given the many points of common interest between both associations. In 2015, ENOS was first introduced to our members during the General Assembly.

This year, François Beauchard, ENOS Chairman, and the Commissioner Antoine Le Bellec, were recently invited to participate in the workshop on “Sports in nature. Is it fit for purpose?” held at the EUROPARC Conference in Portugal. (You can download the presentations of the workshop here).

On the other hand, EUROPARC director Carol Ritchie has attended previous Euro’meet Conferences. Teresa Pastor, from the directorate, was present at the Seu d’Urgell Conference. Together with members of the ENOS Board, they have identified areas of future work.

EUROPARC will further be cooperating with ENOS on the promotion of better trails design, to achieve healthy walks whilst minimising environmental impacts.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to contribute with practical case studies or solutions please contact Teresa Pastor at t.pastor @