Elections for a EUROPARC Youth Representative 2018 – Applications closed!

Youth+ Jumpers just hanging around - a rare moment. Photo by Laura Peters

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EUROPARC believes that the young people active in parks across Europe are not only the potential future managers of our Protected Areas. They are also their valuable advisors, ambassadors and innovators, whose voices need to be heard. As future stewards and managers of our natural and cultural heritage, young people’s contributions must be recognised as crucial for the administration and management of Protected Areas already today.


Who will be the new Representative of Young People from Europe’s Protected Areas? 

With the first elected EUROPARC Youth Representative Laura Peters (mandate 2016 – 2018), the Federation had welcomed a committed new face to its Council, whose fresh ideas and hard work have driven the development of the EUROPARC Youth+ programme over the past two years.

Laura Peters at the EUROPARC Conference 2017, Magic Mountains, Portugal

The EUROPARC Federation appreciates and thanks her for her commitment – and for the courage to pioneer the position of the Youth Representative. In 2018 Laura Peter’s mandate ends and EUROPARC has now just closed the application period for the next mandate 2018 – 2020.

Read more about the elections in 2016 and the still valid requirements for candidature here

Quick overview: Role & Tasks of the Youth Representative

  • Assist and advise the Council on how to oversee the work of the EUROPARC Federation;
  • Bring extra insight to Council: a youth perspective to identify and solve problems arising from the changing agenda for biodiversity and sustainable development in Protected Areas;
  • Work with the Directorate, as necessary to provide regular reports to the Council on the development of the Youth + programme;
  • Represent the EUROPARC Federation, where appropriate – in dialogue and exchange with youth organisations and networks at the European level;
  • Assist EUROPARC to increase the involvement of young people its decision-making and in the  work of Protected Areas;
  • Share information and provide feedbacks to youth in Protected Areas across Europe;
  • The Youth representative should attend at least 2 council face to face meetings per year.

The EUROPARC Directorate and Council will provide induction information and a mentor to support the youth representative in the course of its mandate. EUROPARC will cover travel and accommodation costs for the participation to relevant meetings and events.

Canditature 2018-2020: Who is running for the position?

Within her first two years as EUROPARC Youth Representative Laura Peters has earned the trust of her peers, established the Youth+ Council and grew some profound experience of what it means and takes to work with the Federation Council. Seeds were planted and it might come as no surprise, that Laura is now running for a second period “in office” to help grow those seeds. Or as Laura put it in her own words in her application:

My first year was about learning, my second year was about preparing and now I hope to get chosen again for the next two years to execute plans and ideas!

Check out Laura’s full letter of motivation

and watch her short video message below,  where she tells you about her activities and experience during the last 2 years and explains her motivation to stay “in office” as the EUROPARC Youth Representative for another 2 years.

Election procedure 2018 – 2020

Besides the application of Laura Peters, no other applications were received and therefore the election process will run as follows:

All participants of the Youth Conference 2013, the Youth+ Camp 2015 and the Youth Council will be invited by mail to express their support for Laura Peters before the 16th July 2018.

Also disagreement and abstentions will be collected. The results of the consultation will then be considered and announced by Friday 20th July. Make sure you follow our news!

Eventually, the elected Youth Representative will be invited to attend the EUROPARC Council Meeting in the Cairngorms National Park – UK, during EUROPARC Conference 2018.