Get to know Sud Randos, Star Awards winner 2019

Photo: Sud Randos, ©Gregory Rohart

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Congratulations! Star Awards 2019 winner “Building my Community”

“Sud Randos” is the EUROPARC Star Awards 2019 winner in the category of “Building my community“. This association of tour operators brings a unique experience for the visitors and an opportunity for developing the community in Cévennes National Park and beyond. In this category, EUROPARC has evaluated the contribution to the cultural and social fabric of the community.

Following the steps of locals

Culture and traditions are at the core of stays and experiences that Sud Randos organises. They bring visitors and tourists together in direct and intimate contact with locals businesses and workers. Therefore, farmers, artisans, craftsmen, artists, and local nature are the protagonist and objects of discovery for the tourists. By this mean, they strengthen the community and support traditional preservation practices  with new incomes.

Each experience carry a relationship of fair exchange, acquaintances and true awareness.

They take care of each detail in their infrastructure, making sure that most parts of the equipment, material or food come from fair trade, local businesses, and organic production. Habitats, species and potential environmental threats are taken into account when setting itineraries, seasonality, numbers of participants and ways of transport.

Photo: Sud Randos

Their impact on local development is also addressed by their hiring policy, giving job opportunities to students, for example.

Raising environmental awareness

Photo: Sud Randos, ©Chantal Breuillaud

Natural heritage has been deeply rooted in their know-how for many years. Sud Randos has a strong connection with Cévennes National Park. Withing the region, they have collaborated and launched several projects entirely focused on the protection of sensitive areas. Networking and community involvement are outstanding characteristics of this organisation.

Agropastoralism, management of karst habitats, wetlands, fresh water ecosystems, forestry and Natura 2000 sites are just some examples of issues they cover. Moreover, Sud Randos support the Forest Protection Office in the management of species at local level. Recently, they set up a reception place in a sensitive area to educate visitors.

An online public voting is now running, to select one winner out of the five awarded, who will be invited to present their business at EUROPARC Conference 2020VOTE NOW!