[6th March] Webinar: Communicating with purpose

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EUROPARC webinars are a cost-effective way of learning with your peers, get inspiration and ideas to improve the management of your protected area. We invite you to join us in our next EUROPARC webinar about communication!

Communication is at the heart of all Protected Area & Natura 2000 managers work.

Whether writing a report or a press release, chairing a public meeting, giving a presentation, writing an email or a tweet.  It is everywhere, yet, often Protected Area staff have concerns that inadequate communication is hampering their effectiveness to manage effectively their Natura 2000 or other protected sites.

EUROPARC is taking the lead in providing innovative communications training for Protected Area professionals. Within the LIFE e-Natura2000.edu project, 25 participants from around Europe, will have the chance to learn new competencies, tools and techniques to increase their communication´s effectiveness.

Webinar communicating with purpose: Understanding what you want to say

  • Friday, 6th March 2020
  • 11:00 CET
  • participation is free, register here

In the first webinar “Communicating with Purpose”, we invited Dirk Hilbers, founder and director of the Crossbill Guides Foundation, a European NGO aiming to increase public involvement with nature conservation. Dirk has a background in ecology, philosophy and science communication, and started what is now the world’s largest series of nature travel guides, the Crossbill Guides. The Crossbill Guides inspire a wide range of nature lovers and are made in collaboration with site managers to share their message.

In this webinar, Dirk shares his 15 years’ experience in communicating the values of our European natural heritage.

The webinar will be introduced and moderated by Neil McIntosh, project manager of the LIFE e-Natura2000.edu. Register today!