Invitation to tender: Video production for Life

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This call for tenders is issued within the scope of the LIFE Preparatory Project, ‘LIFE e-Natura2000: supporting e-learning and capacity building for Natura 2000 managers’.  For the purposes of this tender, acting on behalf of the project partners, the contracting authority is The EUROPARC Federation. 

Procurement – External Service Contract for production of videos to promote the project

The contracting authority is looking to engage an experienced external service provider to:

  • Design, produce and release a minimum of two short videos, between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length.
  • Produce the videos in a format suitable for use to promote the project, primarily via social media.
  • Ensure that the videos bear all compulsory content and credits.
  • Hand-over to the contracting authority all design materials and a complete specification of the technical production process.
  • Organise and run a comprehensive hand-over to the contracting authority’s communication staff in Regensburg, Germany.
  • Ensure that the final approved versions of videos can be shared with the other project partners for their use.
  • Provide project partners with advice – a short guidance – about how the videos can best be disseminated to generate maximum viewing figures.

The videos must be innovative, of highest quality and visually attractive. They should contain attractive images, which are free from any copyright restrictions on their use, and animated short, informative texts.

The indicative budget for this external assistance contract is €6,000 maximum, inclusive of VAT. As a minimum, all bidders must have demonstrable experience of working with EU based NGOs or institutions.

Ultimately, those bidding for this contract, must evidence how their expertise will be applied within the scope of this contract and benefit the EUROPARC Federation in the prmotion and delivery of this project.

The contract period runs for (up to) one month (maximum) from the date of the contract award.

Previous experience of delivering similar work as an external service contractor is required.

The issue date for the invitation to tender is 3 February 2020 with bids due to be received by 12.00 noon by or before 12 February 2020. A contract will be awarded by 14 February.

Download the detailed procurement call