LIFE ENABLE featured in “Foresta” magazine

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You can now read about the LIFE ENABLE project in Foresta magazine. 

The article about the LIFE ENABLE project “Knowledge, skills and attitudes for the management of Protected Areas” (Conocimientos, habilidades y actitudes para la gestión de las áreas protegidas) has been featured in the Foresta magazine. 

This article starts with an overview on how the evolution of Protected Areas, the increasing involvement of the social component and the changing environmental conservation strategies and political agendas in Europe, make the management of these spaces a complex and dynamic occupation that requires sound technical, interpersonal and organisational skills and attitudes. Focusing on the Spanish context, the article provides a summary of some of the challenges and the competencies that the managers of Natura 2000 sites and Protected Areas, as well as other professionals dedicated to nature conservation, must have in order to efficiently succeed at their work. Additionally, information on capacity building initiatives for Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers, such as the past project LIFE and the current LIFE ENABLE, both lead by EUROPARC Federation in coordination with EUROPARC Spain, are provided.

You can download the article which is available in Spanish here.

Conocimientos, habilidades y actitudes para la gestión de las áreas protegidas

The entire Foresta magazine is accessible on this website.

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