Outreach and Activity Report: European Day of Parks 2023

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On the 24st of May we celebrated the European Day of Parks 2023 – Building on our Roots. This year, we brought special attention to our shared natural heritage and the responsibility we have to take care of it for future generations. Have a look at what was happening across Europe here!

European Day of Parks 2023 – Outreach and Activity Report

Thanks to the support of our members and partners on the ground, the European Day of Parks was once again a big success! The European day of Parks (EDoP) aims at bringing people closer to Nature by offering a diversity of activities and events in Protected Areas across the EUROPARC Network. The events that were organised addressed people of all ages: children, youngsters, young adults, families and seniors. This year, we focussed on “Building on our Roots”. The theme was chosen to highlight how we all have the responsibility of protecting, and expanding our natural heritage. A fitting topic, as we celebrate EUROPARC’s 50th Anniversary in 2023.

This year, it was a joy to see so many events take place once again throughout Europe! Our network led its creativity flow and over 150 events were organised and registered on our website, with many more taking place on the ground.

There was quite a buzz on social and traditional media as well, providing a great multiplier effect. Once again, the European Day of Parks put Europe’s Protected Areas in the spotlight they deserve! To get an overview of all that was happening in the media, have a look at our Media and Activity report:

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We want to thank everyone that made this European Day of Parks a success!

Promotional materials

The EUROPARC Federation is the promoter of the European Day of Parks. To support our network, we create a special banner, that we translate into many European languages. Furthermore, we created guidelines to help Parks and Protected Areas get inspired:

Guidelines for Parks

About the European Day of Parks

Imagine a day when all Parks and Protected Areas come together across Europe, celebrate their successes and declare the value and benefits of Europe’s Protected Areas to communities, decision-makers and the wider public. That is EUROPARC’s European Day of Parks!

Every year, European Day of Parks takes place on and around 24th of May. It aims to bring people closer to nature and raise public awareness on the importance of the natural beauty preserved in Protected Areas and the importance of conservation and sustainable management of those places.

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