Discover EUROPARC’s history through the voices of its members

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In 2023, EUROPARC celebrates its 50th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, a EUROPARC digital, interactive storybook was launched during our annual Conference in The Netherlands.

50 years connecting People & Parks

With great pride, the EUROPARC Federation presents EUROPARC’s history – as told by its members – through a digital, interactive storybook.

The heart beat of EUROPARC is its members, and the Federation its voice. Let’s share the story of EUROPARC through their own words.

To celebrate our golden jubilee, EUROPARC collected many stories from our membership over the past few months. Through interviews, video messages and old publications, we were able to pull together the stories of the people and events that have made our 50th Anniversary possible.

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The content of the interactive storybook follows the essence on which EUROPARC was founded:

The storybook includes videos, pictures, spoken words and texts. We invite our members and the wider network to take a dive into the history of the Federation, through the stories of those that have lived it.

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The EUROPARC Federation wants to thank everyone that submitted messages, took part in interviews, or shared their pictures of the past five decades. Furthermore, we want to thank our members, for their unwavering support and dedication to our Network, as well as to the conservation of nature in Europe.

We wish happy readings.

The publication of this digital, interactive storybook was made possible, thanks to the generous support of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung.