Celebrate the European Natura 2000 Day!

Lemmenjoki National Park (FI) © Harri Tarvainen

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On the 21st of May, let’s celebrate the Natura 2000 Day and remind ourselves the achievements, efforts and benefits brought by the Natura 2000 Network!

Happy Natura 2000 Day!

The Natura 2000 Day on May 21st aims to make European citizens more aware of the natural riches the Natura 2000 network holds, of the conservation work they carry out and of the benefits brought by the protected nature to people and to our planet. It has been celebrated since the 21st May 1992, when both EU Habitats Directive and LIFE programme were approved.

Together with the Birds Directive, which was adopted in 1979, the EU Habitats Directive became a base of EU Natura 2000 Network of Protected Areas. It is a network of sites designated by the individual countries, based on scientific criteria, to provide a network for effective nature protection across Europe.

The Natura 2000 network consists of Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and Marine Protected Areas around Europe.

Today, Natura 2000 counts over 27 800 sites across EU‘s land and seas, and EUROPARC is proud to represent managers of about 40% of the current network. N2000 undoubtedly underpins EUROPARC’s strategy and is the focus of most of our activities, from the European strategies and policies to the ground and field management. Read about the joint efforts of EUROPARC and Natura 2000 here.

The European Natura 2000 Day was declared by the EU institutions to celebrate the network – one of the EU’s most outstanding achievements – and to honor the efforts of everyone involved in making it a success.

How to celebrate this Natura 2000 Day?

Are you wondering how you could possibly join the celebration? With N2000 vast coverage, that brings nature literally at our doorstep, it’s easy. If possible with respect to the current Covid restrictions, what about visiting a close by Natura 2000 site? You can also learn and discover the species and habitats it protects and share your experience online with #Natura2000Day and #Natura2000!

This year, the spotlight is on the proximity of Natura 2000 sites to people and on the benefits that nature brings to people and the planet, including those related to health. This is also a very important topic for EUROPARC and its programme Healthy Parks Healthy People Europe. To know more about the initiative connecting Protected Areas with the health sector, have a look at EUROPARC’s HPHPe Toolkit!

Download the eNatura2000 App!

If you cannot join the celebration in person this year, don’t worry. Learning about Natura 2000 and connecting with the sites managers and other nature professionals has never been so easy! With the eNatura2000 mobile app, all that is just a click away.

Get timely updates from the Natura 2000 world, read inspiring case studies, network and discuss with land managers across Europe. You can download the app on Google Play and App Store

Read all about the app and the LIFEedu project that developed it!