From 1973 to 2023 – EUROPARC is 50!

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2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of the EUROPARC Federation. We will celebrate this milestone throughout the year. Of course, we ask our members to join us!

50th Anniversary of the EUROPARC Federation

For 50 years, EUROPARC has been connecting People and Parks. With over 400 members and countless exchanges: EUROPARC has a vivid and rich history to look back on. The very core of our organisation is, of course, our members. With our celebration, we want to highlight your story and the essential work you are doing on the ground. 

A lot has changed in Europe; in the Protected Area community; and at EUROPARC itself. Celebrating 50 years will grant us the opportunity to look back, but also envision the future that Europe, and its nature, needs. A future in sync with nature, with Protected Areas as pioneers of nature protection, celebrated and respected by society.

So, ready to celebrate with us?

It is quite simple: get out your camera or your phone and record a short, 30-second video message finishing the following sentence:

For me, the EUROPARC Federation is…

Additionally, feel free to share what your wishes are for the next 50 years of EUROPARC, a fond memory of the network, or the story of how your Park is connected to the organisation. We want to hear from as many members & partners as possible! 

You can send your videos through this form or post them directly on your social media. Feel free to create reels, collages or stories, just be sure to tag us and use #EUROPARC50!

Facebook & Twitter: @EUROPARC

Instagram: @EUROPARC_Federation

YouTube: @EUROPARCFederation

LinkedIn: EUROPARC Federation

We will share your messages on our social media, our website and potentially even a special feature at the Conference… We welcome you to send & share messages throughout the year. If you are unsure how to start, have a look at our video guidelines. However, don’t feel restricted: you can get as creative as you want to!

Of course, we will celebrate this milestone at our Conference, so be sure to register now and make use of the early bird rates!

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A picture is worth a 1000 words…

Do you have any pictures from EUROPARC Conferences, meetings, projects, or other events over the past few years? Then we’d love it if you could send them our way! If we can gather enough input, we might be able to make a EUROPARC photo album. 

Feel free to share this inside your organisation, we welcome multiple inputs from members!

We look forward to receiving your messages.

Learn more about our rich history

To kickstart our celebrations, we visited someone who was at the very beginning of the EUROPARC Federation: Herr Köpp. He shared his inspirational story with us of how the first Protected Areas in Europe came together, despite political turmoil. Check it out here: